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C1PLL Wideband

C-band Phase Lock Loop Wideband LNBF (3.4GHz - 4.2GHz)
by Titanium Satellite


C1-PLL ® Wideband Phase Lock Loop C-band LNBF - Titanium Satellite



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World's first PLL C-band Wideband LNBF
The Titanium Satellite, C1 PLL ® Wideband features the simplicity of voltage controlled polarity selection with exceptional performance and stability across the entire C-band range (3.4GHz - 4.2GHz) required for reliable reception of S2, high FEC and narrow bandwidth satellite transponders.

Important Notice: Need to filter out interference caused by WiMAX, 4G LTE and wide area WiFi? See our popular Titanium Satellite C1-PLL ® model with soft attenuation from 3.6-3.7GHz and hard elimination filter below 3.6GHz.

This innovative single output model is developed using the latest PLL chipsets with a balance of gain, isolation, stability and amplification to produce a Phase Look Loop C-Band LNBF that outperforms all other C-Band LNBFs. All Titanium Satellite products are factory line tested multiple times to assure specification compliance and performance. In addition, all products are inspected by an independent third party service to insure complete manufacturing and performance compliance. Any product found not to meet our exacting "A" grade requirements is either reworked and certified to "A" grade performance or destroyed. Unlike competitors, there is no 2nd market for "B" grade Titanium products!

We have all heard the comment, "Looks Aren't Everything". This statement is so true! The C1WPLL with the heavy cast aluminum mass and thick wall housing sports a glossy snow white color protective finish. This attractive finish with offsetting cool grey and black hardware not only looks great, but it also reduces overheating when exposed to direct sunlight. The natural color aluminum cooling fins also assist in dissipating heat from the electronics and body mass resulting in a lower operating temperature with increased performance.

The craftsmanship, quality components and innovative design make the C1W-PLL superior to any C-band LNBF available on the market. The C1W-PLL is provided with a secure fitting, Royal Blue color feedhorn cover, dielectric slab insert for circular C-band reception and seven silver color zinc coated Allen Head screws and hex tool for mounting the hardware. The included universal flat type three ring scalar is tapped for mounting on button hook, three and four leg prime focus dish designs. An optional Titanium CS1™ conical type scalar with a universal 68mm clamp is available for offset design dish mounting.

Titanium Satellite also introduces to C-band LNBF production the waterproof, 3GHz, blue-insert, F-fitting coax connection. After noting the cheap coax connections used on several competitor C-band LNBFs which had clinch point damage after only a few insertions, we requested the manufacturer to source a component upgrade to a 3GHz fitting. Yes, the upgraded fitting costs 10 cents more, but why go cheap?

While a traditional corotor design with the mechanical polarity controller provides increased performance and fine-tuning adjustments for overcoming interference and optimizing reception, many hobbyists and satellite viewers do not wish to be bothered with the additional expense, complexity and control limitations of this traditional feedhorn design. The C1WPLL is a simple way to increase performance and signal reliability of your BUD (Big Ugly Dish) without breaking the bank! The low MSRP yields a solid investment in improving your C-band system performance.

LNBF Installation Guide

C1-PLL Specifications

IF Output Ports 2
Input Frequency Range 3.70 ~ 4.20GHz
Output Frequency Range 950 ~ 1450MHz
L.O. Frequency 5150MHz
Noise Temperature 15K typical
LO Stability (over temp ex offset) ± 50Khz
LO Phase Noise @ 1Khz -72dBc
LO Phase Noise @ 10Khz -81dBc
LO Phase Noise @ 100Khz -90dBc
Conversion Gain 65dB typical
Gain Flatness ±4dB
Gain Variation ±1dB / 27 MHz
Image Rejection -45dB
Crosstalk Isolation 20dB typical
Control Signals Ca [V/CR] 11.5 ~ 14.0V
Control Signals Cb [ H/CL] 16.0 ~ 20.0V
DC Voltage 11 ~ 20Vdc
Current 145mA [max]
Output VSWR 2.0 : 1
Temperature Range -22 ~ +140°F / -40 ~ +60°C
Relative Humidity 0 ~100% condensing
Polarization Type (cast ±45° scale) Linear (w/dielectric for circular)
Output Impedance 75Ω
Connection F-Type / 3GHz / Female
Weight 10.1oz / 286g
Construction Precision Cast Aluminum
Hardware Stainless Steel Allen Head (w/tool)
Housing / Scalar Finish Polyurethane Powder (chip resistant)
Color Snow White / Natural Cooling Fin
Feedhorn Cover RF Low-loss (blue color)
Dimensions (w/o scalar) 7⅝ (l) x 4⅜ (h) x 2¾ (w) in 185 (l) x 87 (h) x 68 (w) mm
Scalar Type * Flat - Prime Focus, 3 Ring
F/D with included Flat Scalar 0.32 ~ .44+ (cast scale)
Mount Type with Flat Scalar Single pole, Tripod or Quad legs

* Optional Conical Scalar Kit – SC1 Offset Type Dish with F/D .5 ~ .8
Important Notice:
Titanium Satellite is the developer of the world's first PLL LNBFs. Don't be fooled by imitations, clones and copycats with their inferior performance. These copied products may carry our registered trademark C1 PLL and C2 PLL model names, but they are not the original Titanium Satellite products and are not licensed or authorized by Titanium Satellite for production or distribution. C1-PLL and C2-PLL LNBFs not displaying the Titanium Satellite mark infringe on our intellectual development, registered trademarks and proprietary designs. If you have been fooled into buying a C-band PLL clone, please immediately contact us and we will let you know how easy it is to exchange it for a genuine Titanium Satellite PLL product.

† The C1-PLL ®, C2-PLL ®, C1WPLL and C2WPLL logos are trademarks of Titanium Satellite