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ASC1 DiSEqC Positioner - EOL 10/2019

Satellite Dish Antenna Actuator Motor Positioner and Polarity Skew Control
by Titanium Satellite


ACS1 ™ - Front Panel - Titanium Satellite



Discontinued - October , 2019

ASC1 Satellite Dish DiSEqC Positioner with Polarity and Skew Control

Free USB and RS-232 Programming Cables for PC Satellite List Editing and Firmware Updates

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  • Perfect for Controlling a BUD - Big Satellite Dish
  • NEW: Oct. 2015 Firmware with refined Sensor and DiSEqC protocols
  • Supports 199 Satellite Positions
  • Works with any DVBS /S2 FTA Satellite Receiver or Manual Control
  • Supports Linear Actuator and HH AJAK Motors
  • Controls motors with Reed Sensors
  • NEW: optional OHR Adapter - Support for Optical and Hall Effect Sensors

Do you remember when you could simply change channels on your C-band receiver and the your BUD dish automatically moved and the polarity was automatically selected? If the signal wasn't strong enough or it had interference, you would press the skew left or skew right to raise the signal strength, attenuate interference and improve the picture quality? Titanium Satellite remembers and decided that it was time to once again make it easy to watch satellite TV, scan for new channels and provide the optimized reception that is required for reliable reception of the new demanding digital modulations!

TeleAudiovision ASC1 Article
Check out the recent review of the ASC1 by satellite hobbyists in Tele Audiovision magazine

There are hundreds and hundreds of C-band TV channels and thousands of radio services that are free and completely legal to enjoy. There are so many more free channels than were available even "back in the day". Yep, we remember the golden age of C-band. Almost every house in the neighborhood had a big dish and we paid thousands of dollars for equipment to watch free back-hauls and movie channels with stunning picture quality. C-band dishes are now free for the removal and usually the motors only need cleaning and grease. Feedhorns might need a wasp nest removed or a LNB replaced, but this gear was built to last and usually still is working great 30 years later! The ASC1's MSRP of $195 is about 1/3rd of the cost of a dish mover in the 1980's. The ASC1™ will interface with almost any digital satellite receiver to automatically control the dish movement and polarity setting.

Do you want the performance of a polorotor feedhorn and the convenience of automatic polarity and optimized skew offset with fine tuning? Is it your dream not to juggle a legacy analog or 4DTV receiver remote just to move the dish and switch polarities each time you change the channel on the digital satellite receiver! Now any member of the house can simply change channels on your favorite digital DVBS/S2 receiver and the dish will automatically move and the polarity and offset skew is automatically selected. No more trying to remember what button sequence to move the dish to the right satellite or which channel to select to provide the correct polarity.

The ASC1 is truly a heavy duty and quality built prosumer grade DiSEqC positioner and polarity controller that provides features and functions that are not even available on expensive commercial rack mount controllers costing 10x more! The ASC1 works with virtually all MPEG2/4, DVBS/S2 DiSEqC 1.2 satellite receivers and can be manually controlled by front panel or the included IR remote control if used with any receiver not supporting the standard DiSEqC 1.2 protocol. The ASC1™ controls motorized linear actuators or Horizon to Horizon type dishes with reed switch type counter, mechanical or voltage controlled polarity control, LNBs, LNBFs and pass-through for control of 22Khz and DiSEqC switches. Now available with the optional OHR adapter adding compatibility for Optical and Hall Effect Sensors and for Reed switch isolation. Yes, your favorite DVBS or S2 receiver can now completely control both small motorized KU dishes and the larger C-band "BUD" dishes.

Designed with the versatility to control and power both LNBFs, LNBs, pass switch commands and generate or regenerate switching voltages, the ASC1 works on virtually any consumer or commercial system. Packed with the lifting power rated to a maximum of 36Vdc and 5amps, the ASC1 will lift any motorized dish. No other consumer motor controller even comes close to the power provided by the ASC1. The F-fitting port simultaneously provides voltage that is user set to 13/18Vdc, reversed 18/13Vdc, fixed 13Vdc or fixed 18Vdc at 450mA. Our proprietary motor control allows micro adjustments when fine-tuning the dish positioning. No more speeding past the correct motor landing and having to bump the dish back and forth into position.

The ASC1 has another great feature not found on any other consumer DiSEqC positioner that will allow Titanium to provide new functions and save you countless hours of programming satellite positions with remote control entry. A free PC based editor and loader software program is available to connect to the ASC1 serial RS-232 port. A null modem type RS-232 cable and a Prolific USB/Serial RS232 convertor is included with the ASC1! Update with new firmware, back-up the user database by saving up to 199 satellite positions, names and polarity settings with skew offsets as a PC file. Edit satellite names, positioner counts and independent skew offsets for horizontal and vertical polarities. No more losing all of the satellite positions after a factory reset or wearing out your fingers on a remote! Share a satellite positioner file with anther ASC1 user and simply shift the positioner counts, fine tune and save the skew settings to match the new system installation. Additional commands are possible and we will support requests for additional functions, commands and feature development.

The user selectable 115/230VAC @ 50/60hz switch and user changeable rear panel fuse block feeds a dual tap transformer allowing the ASC1 to be used anywhere in the world. The user may use the appropriate regional plug configuration and readily available international standard IEC type 3 pin cord to plug into any AC power source and pin configuration. The North American version is delivered with a UL certified cord with the standard 2 blade and ground plug.

Now lets talk about rugged construction. The machined aluminum housing with louvered side panels and integrated lifting handles are assembled with contrasting Allen Head hardware. The ASC1 not only looks great, but also protects your investment from the bumps and drops as the TV center is rearranged or if the unit is carried outside to align a dish. Heavy duty screw terminals ensure full voltage and sensor counts and securely attach each connection. The front panel features full function control and programming with the seven rubberized buttons and lock-out feature prevents accidental control or programming via the front panel or remote control.

The 4 line scrolling green color back lit LCD provides all programming and operational information. This includes the DiSEqC position number, satellite name, positioner count, polarity and +/-90 degree skew offset angle. Indicators show the direction of motor travel and IR/DiSEqC command confirmations, motor/command error descriptions and the East/West Software limits.

A 22 key IR remote control with included AAA batteries balances well in your hand and the rubberized buttons allow ease of programming for all functions and manual ASC1 operation from the comfort of your easy chair. The line of sight operational range is approximately up to 45 feet and 60 degrees off center.

If you are searching for the highest quality and value with features that no other satellite dish controller can match, we offer for your consideration, the Titanium Satellite ASC1™.

AC Voltage In 115/230Vac, 50/60hz - User Setting
Current in Operation 600 ~ 1200mA @ 115Vac
340 ~ 640mA @ 230Vac
Current in Standby 270mA @ 115Vac / 120mA @ 220Vac
Input Protection 2A @ 250Vac User Replaceable Fuse
Output Voltage M1 / M2 36Vdc (max)
Output Current M1 / M2 5A (max)
Dual Motor Relays 10Amp @ 40Vdc (max)
IF In / Out Connectors F-type IEC169-24 Female Loop-Through
Output Voltage F-Fitting 13Vdc/18Vdc Automatic or Fixed
Output Current F-Fitting 450mA (max)
Over Current F-Fitting 650mA interrupt protection w/Reset
Motor Connections M+ / M- Screw Terminal 14 gauge
Sensor S+ / S- Screw Terminal 14 gauge
Servo Gnd / Pulse / +5Vdc Screw Terminal 14 gauge
RF Insertion Loss 2.5dB
DiSEqC Control Amplitude 0.8 ±0.2V (required input level)
DiSEqC 1.2 Positions 199
Positioner Count +/-5000
Sensor Resolution 75hz
Skew Offset +/- 90° from Polarity Setting
RS-232 Transfer Rate 56Kbps, 9 pin Male D-Sub Null Type
Includes USB/RS-232 Converter for WIN XP/7/8/10
LCD Operation/Programming 4 Line Scrolling, Green Color Backlight
Front Panel Keys 7 Keys: Power, OK, Lock (Keyboard/Remote)
(Dual Menu Nav) - East, West, Skew+, Skew-
Remote Control Keys 19 Active Keys: Power, OK, East, West, Skew+,
Skew-, +, -, Previous, Home, Numeric (0-9)
Dimensions 11 L x 9.5 D x 4.5 H in
280 L x 240 D x 115 H mm
Weight 11.7 lbs / 5.3 KG

† The ASC1 logo is a trademark of Titanium Satellite

DiSEqC Positioner Install Hints:
1. Connect a .01 µF, 50 volt (minimum rated) capacitor between the M1 and M2 wires at the actuator motor. The capacitor minimizes the motor RF noise from interfering with the sensor and servo control circuits.

2. Connect a 1000 µF, 5 volt (minimum rated) capacitor between the +5 V and ground wires at the servo motor. The capacitor prevents the voltage drop between the controller and the servo, eliminating the servo motor "fluttering" after channel or polarity changes.

3.Always use proper gauge and shielded wires for the sensor and servo control. Connect the shield drain wire to ground only at one end of the cable run. Do not use unshielded wire groups typically sold for sprinkler or thermostat control. Unshielded control and sensor wires will result in positioning and control errors.