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C and KU-band LNBF
by Titanium Satellite


CK1S - Titanium Satellite



Titanium Satellite CK1S
- C and KU-band LNBF
Combo C & KU-band Reception from a Single Feedhorn

Why Buy from Titanium Satellite? We are Satellite Experts with over 30 years experience with residential / commercial installation and service. Absolutely the best customer support for every product we sell! If we don't use it in our own homes, we don't sell it!

  • One C-band Output - Wideband 3.4 - 4.2GHz - LO 5150
  • One KU-band Output - 11.7 - 12.75GHz Standard LO 10750
  • C-band DRO type of local oscillator
  • KU-band PLL type of local oscillator
  • Two Year Warranty

The CK1S DRO C/KU LNBF Kit includes:
  • Prime Focus Flat Scalar suitable for mounting on 3 or 4 leg feedhorn support arms or buttonhook design
  • Zinc Coated Allen Head screws for feedhorn and scalar mounting
  • Dielectric Slab insert for C-band circular polarity reception.
  • Hex Tool

CK1S Specifications

Input Frequency Range C: 3.40 ~ 4.20GHz
KU: 11.7
~ 4.20GHz
Output Frequency Range C: 950 ~ 1450MHz
KU: 950
~ 2000MHz
L.O. Frequency C: 5150MHz
KU: 10750MHz
Noise Temperature C: 17K typical
KU: 0.5dB typical
LO Stability
C: ±1.0 MHz [max] @ +77°F (25°C)
± 2.0Mhz [max] @ -22°F~+140°F (-30°C~+60°)

KU: ±50KHz[max] @ -22°F~+140°F (-30°C~+60°)

LO Phase Noise @ 1Khz -65dBc
LO Phase Noise @ 10Khz -80dBc
LO Phase Noise @ 100Khz -95dBc
Conversion Gain 65dB typical
Gain Flatness ±4dB
Gain Variation ±1dB / 27 MHz
Image Rejection -45dB
Cross Polarization Isolation 20dB typical
Control Signals Ca [V/CR] 11.5 ~ 14.0V
Control Signals Cb [ H/CL] 16.0 ~ 20.0V
DC Voltage 11 ~ 20Vdc
Current C: 130mA [max]
KU: 90mA [max]
Output VSWR 2.2 : 1  typical
Temperature Range -20 ~ +140°F / -40 ~ +60°C
Relative Humidity 0 ~100% condensing
Polarization Type Linear (w/dielectric for C-band circular)
Output Impedance 75Ω
Connection F-Type Female 2x
Weight 14.3oz / 540g
Construction Cast Aluminum
Hardware Zinc Allen Head (w/tool)
Housing / Scalar Finish Polyurethane Powder (chip resistant)
Feedhorn Cover RF Low-loss (blue color)
Dimensions (w/o scalar) 10 1/2 (l) x 3 1/2 (h) x 2 3/4 (w) in
270 (l) x 85 (h) x 68 (w) mm
Scalar Type * Flat - Prime Focus, 3 Ring
F/D with included Flat Scalar 0.32 ~ .44+ (cast scale)
Mount Type with Flat Scalar Single pole, Tripod or Quad legs

* Optional Conical Scalar Kit SC1 Offset Type Dish with F/D .5 ~ .8

LNBF Installation Guide

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